Use natural ingredients to create nutrient-rich balanced energy products optimised for endurance sports.

JACK™ provides an excellent natural energy source, packed with natural slow release complex carbohydrates and natural fast acting simple carbohydrates - fructose, glucose and sucrose, plus natural protein, fibre, vitamins and electrolytes. Perfect for fuelling-up before training sessions and races, ideal on-the-move fuel and great for aiding recovery and hydration, and reducing fatigue post exercise. Packed with 50% oats, great for all sports, suitable for vegetarians and perfect with a cup-of-tea.


Our mission is to encourage and inspire as many people as we can, of every age and every ability in spite any personal circumstance, to take up and excel in sport and fitness as a life-long lifestyle. With a commitment to a sport and fitness, comes body and nutritional knowledge, mental strength and positive social infrastructure.

Every time anybody stands a tiny bit taller, prouder or healthier as a direct or indirect result of JACK; that is what it is all about.


JACK energy bars, deli bars and personalised bars are owned by and lovingly hand-made in London by Love Oven, 24 Ollerton Road, London N11 2LA. 

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