JACK is a superfuel for athletes packed with natural and nutritious energy. Our energy oat bars contain 50% oats which means that each 50g bar contains good quality natural and nutritious complex carbohydrates – excellent slow release carbohydrates. 

Each bar also contains a unique blend of mid and fast acting carbohydrates. A small amount of glucose and fructose from invented sugar syrup for an instant energy fix. And a larger amount of sucrose for mid-acting carbs, which your system will quickly breakdown into glucose and fructose.

Your body uses the glucose and fructose first via separate ingestion processes. Meanwhile it will quickly process the sucrose into its component parts of glucose and fructose ready for usage immediately afterwards. In the background your system will also breakdown the complex oat carbohydrates into readily accessible glucose. You have a 'power-pack' in your pocket that will give you a significant dose of immediate and sustained nutritious natural energy.

The magic continues; JACK energy oat bars contain nutritious fat from pure butter and nutritious natural oat fibre. Fats and fibre are an essential part of a healthy diet and needed for effective overall digestion – helping facilitate the efficient processing and regulation of carbohydrate usage.

JACK also contain natural nutritious protein and a touch of sodium in every 50g bar. Both are essential in promoting and aiding muscle recovery and repair post exercise and vital during arduous whole-day activities or multi-day events.