As athletes we begin to use food as fuel rather than food. However a nice tasty snack will always have a place at the top table! JACK™ 50g energy oat bar equates to around 14% of your recommended daily calorie intake. Great as a snack whenever but as with everything, too many and belly will get you.


For best results consume a JACK energy oat bar one hour before activities begin – 1.5 hours before if super-strenuous. Enough time for the initial glucose and fructose to have perked you up a bit and for your system to have begun processing the sucrose. You will also enjoy benefits an hour before by preparing and focusing on the event if you consume JACK as part of your ritual. Plus a mental benefit of eating a superfuel JACKenergy oat bar an hour before that gun goes!


As soon as possible after activity to aid repair but also to promote recover and help combat fatigue and exhaustion. Your system can be quite vulnerable at the point to viruses, strains, gut ache and swelling; replenishing carbohydrates, protein, fibre, fats and sodium will help rebuild your autoimmune system. Again there are multiple benefits of consuming a JACKenergy oat bar of part of your ritual; to stop, rest and reflect on the event. What did you do right and wrong that you need to address or remember for the next?


During grueling whole-day and multi-day events you will need to manage and replenish your nutritional intake. JACK energy oat bars provide multi-purpose measured 'power-packs' in your pocket - natural energy, delicious, different flavours, not too sweet, a technical but simple product; a bar to look forward to and benefit from rather than grimace at the thought of and gag on. Originally designed as the ultimate on-the-move fueling solution.

During long, medium and low intensity events whereby taking on nutrition can be done as and when required, JACK energy oat bars provide a great energy pack and a great all-round snack; great to keep your energy levels up and equally great with a nice cup of tea.